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We’ll put the policies in place to make sure your business is secure, working
closely with you to design a plan that minimizes your total cost of risk. Our team will tailor your plan to account for the unique needs of your industry, ensuring that every potential exposure is accounted for.brokerage


We explore both traditional and non-traditional ways to insure your exposures, including captives, self-funding and other options.  We present all of  the options that are available to you, and together we go through the process of vetting the best solution.  We’ll give you our recommendations based on our knowledge of the insurance industry and your business.  

Coverage Analysis

One of the most important responsibilities of risk professionals is to assure that the policies they put in place for their clients provide coverage adequate to insure any risks. 

We undertake a thorough analysis of the risks to your business to hone in on any gaps that may exist in your insurance program.  In many cases, blind spots exist within an organization, and our risk advisors are trained to identify and analyze these areas.  


From day 1 of your engagement with us, we constantly monitor the performance of your insurance programs.  We take the initiative to keep you up to date, and 6 months into your plan year, we’ll meet with you to review a Progress Report detailing the new developments to date.  Our customer service is second to none, and our support teams bring a wealth of insurance knowledge to every interaction with you.  

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