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Top 4 Lessons from Vehicle Maintenance Workshop

[ GET THE SLIDE DECK& TRAINING MATERIALS ]Does YourVehicle Maintenance ProgramMeasure Up?

One of the first HNI University events this year was a hands-on workshop called "Does Your Vehicle Maintenance Program Measure Up?" The workshop was hosted by John Seidl, a former FMCSA inspector.

What You Can Learn From the 2013 Most Innovative Companies

most innovative companies

HNI Marketing Director

“Innovation” may seem like a trendy topic in business, but among market leaders, it’s more than something they just talk about — it’s a core competency. According to Fast Company, the 10 most innovative companies in 2013 were:

Negligent Driver Hiring Can Bite You in the Butt

GettyImages dv220006 resized 600

Associate Vice President

With the ever-growing driver shortage looming, many motor carriers are lowering their hiring standards to fill their empty trucks.  No company wants to turn down a job because they don’t have drivers to service the account.  But while companies to some extent are at the mercy of supply and demand, carriers have to keep the potential for negligent hiring lawsuits top of mind.

Keys to Sustaining Organizational Change for the Long Haul

Keys to Sustaining Organizational Change for the Long Haul

President, HNI Wisconsin

People risk management is a team sport. One cheerleader or even a few executives never will make or sustain an impact on corporate culture. The result you’re after will not take place after one meeting when “we have a new culture” (or a new brand, new process, or new anything) is announced. Managing the people side of risk will take years and will never end. Change has to be felt on an ongoing basis.

What's in the Perfect Employee Health Benefits Plan?

Perfect Employee Health Benefits Plan

Chief Benefits Officer

We recently performed a thought-provoking exercise at HNI. Our benefits team took a shot at designing the ideal health care plan, pretending they were an employer who wanted maximum cost efficiency, while keeping employees happy with their benefits. If they were starting today, from a clean slate, what would their health plan look like?

How the Best Drivers Respond at the Scene of an Accident

How the best drivers respond at the scene of an accident

Associate Vice President

We’ve found that most transportation companies offer little to no training for drivers on what to do after an accident occurs. Training typically focuses on preventing accidents (which is clearly important). But stopping there leaves out a critical component.

Branding: The New Frontier of Risk Management

branding as risk management

HNI Marketing Director

When we talk to companies about branding, often the first reaction is, “Oh, we already have a logo, and we like it.” But a brand is more than a logo. It’s more than a product or service. And it definitely isn’t about a flashy marketing message. So what is it? Simply put, a brand is a person’s gut feeling about your organization.

Why You Can't Survive Without Truckzilla Insurance

Truckzilla insurance

Truckzillas have rejected the glamour of monster truck rallies in favor of a new gig — preying on big rigs! For most motor carriers, it's just a matter of time before one of your drivers tangles with one of these metal-hungry robots.

Recruiting Across Generation Gap Starts with Decoding Millennials

recruiting millennials across generation gap

HNI Marketing Director

For the first time in history, we have four generations working side by side in the workplace. Each generation brings its own unique skills and talents and demands different things from employers.

A Crash Course in the Life of an Injured Worker

life of an injured worker

RGL Logistics VP of Risk Management

I have been involved in safety awareness, injury prevention, and employee return-to-work programs for over 15 years. Having successfully lowered injury frequency, severity, and lost-time injuries, I was confident in my approach to the care of injured workers.

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