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7 Do's and Don'ts of Holiday Safety for Businesses

holiday safety for businesses

HNI Risk Advisor

The holidays are upon us, with Thanksgiving and Black Friday gracing our calendars this week. This means lots of holiday cheer around the home, of course, and also lots of holiday decorations around your business, too.

What Your Insurance Guy Wants You to Know About Car-Deer Accidents

car deer accidents

HNI Personal Lines Account Executive

I had a close call recently that I think a lot of you can relate to.

Medical Cards for Drivers: What Carriers Really Think

medical cards for drivers

HNI Associate Vice President

At our recent FMCSA and Wisconsin State Patrol Update, we had some lively Q&A on the requirements for medical cards for drivers.

3 Ways to Build Loyalty with Employee Benefits Communication

employee benefits communication and loyalty

HNI HR Manager

Clear, effective communication with workers is a never-ending goal for most organizations. Employees want to know that leaders are being transparent and honest with them about everything.

Wearable Technology Guide for HR: New Twist for Employee Benefits

wearable technology guide for HR

HNI Health Systems Consultant

Could wearable health technology be any hotter? Everywhere you look, the person next to you has a Fitbit around her wrist, monitoring everything from calories to hours slept to steps taken in a day.

STAA Whistleblower Claims Taking Bite Out of Interstate Commerce Firms

STAA whistleblower claims

HNI Relationship Manager

There's been an increase in claims of retaliation under the Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982. These STAA whistleblower claims are being filed by truck drivers who are contracted/employed by motor carriers.

10 Red Flags for Employee Work Injury Compensation Fraud

Red Flags for Employee Work Injury Compensation Fraud

HNI Senior Claims Consultant

Work comp claims are no picnic for employers or employees.

An Employer's Guide to Affordable Health Insurance in Michigan

affordable health insurance in michigan

HNI Benefits Advisor

There's a new option for affordable health insurance in Michigan for people who don't qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. The plan, Healthy Michigan, offers health care benefits without busting the budgets of your employees.

Don't Get Caught in Personal Conveyance Traps

Personal conveyance

HNI Associate Vice President

For our transportation specialists at HNI, this is one of our favorite times of the year, and it has nothing to do with World Series baseball (Royals heartbreak!) or (epic amounts of leftover) Halloween candy.

This Year, Take Home Culture of Safety for the Holidays

culture of safety at holidays

HNI Risk Advisor

Nothing screams "I'm ready for holiday cheer" like those bright, multi-colored lights you see strung across everyone’s house.

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