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Auto Liability Limits: What's a Fair Minimum for Motor Carriers?

auto liability limits

Transportation Practice Leader & Associate Vice President

The FMCSA recently started a push to increase the minimum auto liability limits as they apply to insurance for for-hire truck drivers.

Human Resources Advice: What to Do When the Best of the Worst is Still Bad

human resources advice

HNI Human Resources Manager

We see this all the time — organizations take a pool of not-so-hot applicants, pick the top three to interview, and then hire the best one. But if you’re starting with a deficient pool of candidates, the best of the worst is usually still bad.

Where Do You Fall on the Risk Assumption Continuum?

risk assumption continuum

HNI Vice President

Successfully managing risk assumption and controlling costs are important objectives for all companies. However, the manner in which a company goes about achieving these objectives varies depending on size, predictability of losses, risk management abilities, and financial strength.

Dan Baker Sounds Off on What Matters Today in Truck Driver Recruiting

dan baker

Our Driver Recruiting Summit at HNI University brought together the biggest brains in the transportation industry to talk about one of our biggest problems: hiring the right drivers and making them stick around.

Motivate Employees with 5 Rewards You Probably Haven't Thought Of

employee rewards

HNI Human Resources Manager

Employees who feel valued will work harder for your business. It's time to recognize those people who bring their "A" game with a reward that feels personal and sincere.

4 Social Media Tips for Claims Handling You Can't Ignore

claims handling

HNI Claims Assistant

The business world still is adjusting to social media and the many ways it's changed the way we do business.

The Generation Gap’s Getting Even Wider — Get Ready for the 'Posts'


This battle of generations in the workplace will forever be an issue that employers need to tackle — and before you know it, there will be another generation submitting resumes.

Adjudicated Citations Finally Reflected in CSA Scores

new fmcsa regulations

Associate Vice President

New FMCSA regulations have changed the game on DataQs and adjudicated citations.

What's at Risk When You Don't Make a Business Succession Plan?

business succession planning

If your business made it out of the Great Recession, congratulations. No doubt you had to make a lot of sacrifices to get through some lean years.

Top 3 Lessons from Social Media and Claims Webinar

New Call-to-action

In today's world of smartphones and Internet technology, for most people there's not a day that goes by without liking a friend's vacation pictures on Facebook, sharing an article with your professional network on LinkedIn, or retweeting a wisecrack from your favorite actor on Twitter. Social media is everywhere, and it's becoming an especially powerful tool in litigation.

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