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5 Essential Tips for Creating and Signing Contracts

understanding contracts

Being capable and confident in the process of creating and signing contracts is essential for all business owners. You know a lot about your business, but you may feel intimidated by the ins and outs of a legal agreement.

Meet 'El Patron': Why He Matters to Organizational Cultural Change

organizational cultural change

HNI Relationship Manager

Organizational cultural change — the sort of long-term change that sets a company's vision and mission — begins with one crucial step: full buy-in and ownership.

A Week of Celebration for Truck Drivers [National Truck Driver Appreciation & Wellness Week 2014]

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What a week! Sept. 14-20 was National Truck Driver Appreciation and Wellness Week, and if you read our blog and are an HNI fan on social media, you know we were celebrating in full force!

Why HR Can't Afford to Ignore Employer Branding

employer branding

HNI HR Manager

Branding and HR aren’t something we often think of as going together. But as the war for talent rages on, we believe that focusing on employer branding will become more important than ever before.

Why Providing Employee Benefits Makes a Difference to Your Drivers

providing employee benefits

Account Executive

In our experience, some trucking employers don't feel like their drivers care about benefits. To many transportation executives, providing employee benefits to truck drivers feels like an exercise in futility. They see low participation rates in health plans, retirement offerings, and other programs and ask, "Why bother?"

Driver Wellness: Fighting Fatigued Driving

Fatigued driving

Relationship Manager

In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (Sept. 14-20), we're covering all-things trucking on the blog. Stay tuned for transportation content all week!

Want to Thank Your Truck Drivers This Week? Try a Wellness Program

Fruit bowl

In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (Sept. 14-20), we're covering all-things trucking on the blog. Stay tuned for transportation content all week!

Feeling the Driver Shortage? Recruit Women Truck Drivers

women truck drivers

Trucking always has been a male-dominated field. But with the driver shortage in the United States, it’s time to start recruiting women truck drivers, if you haven’t already.

Risk Control: Should You Own or Rent Your Risk?

risk control

Vice President and Relationship Manager

We live and breathe all-things risk here at HNI, and when it comes to risk control, a concept we like to explore with clients and prospects is owning vs. renting your risk.

Latest IRS Forms Add to Health Care Reform Requirements for Employers

health care reform requirements for employers

Compliance Advisor

There are two more health care reform requirements for employers to be aware of: IRC Section 6055 and IRC Section 6065. (IRC stands for Internal Revenue Code.) These filings aren't due until the beginning of 2016 (for coverage offered in 2015), but collecting the data you need to complete the forms will require some legwork that you can prepare for now by implementing new processes or HR technology.

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